Shoreside Support

A website for a company that provides yacht provisioning service.

Shoreside Support Landing Page


The client

Shoreside support is a global leader in mega yacht provisioning where they offer food and logistic services on the international level. They have their own online ordering portal designed around yacht chefs and a website that they wanted to redesign.

The goal

After having discussions with the client about their scope and vision, we decided to build a one-page website with a modern look & feel and with comparatively extensive content.

Project phases

Project Phases
Project Stages


Shoreside Support Landing Page


A hero section is the first thing a visitor sees on the website, which means this section should be designed to hook the visitor and entice him to stay and scroll further. So we have decided to place a video in the hero section that plays in the background. This practice has been found very useful in explaining the subject in detail and connecting with the audience more deeply.

Shoreside Support Landing Page


We have added detailed sections for services offered by Shoreside support. For logistics and exports, a high-quality video plays in the background featuring their extensive transport fleet. Local and exotic Cuisines prepared by their yacht chefs are displayed with mouth-watering quality images.

Shoreside Support Sections

Value & Online Ordering Portal

The section portrays how shoreside support delivers quality and adds value via its services and experiences. It lays out information about their worldwide operations, headquarters, and core values they believe in regarding business ethics. Shoreside support has an online ordering portal that is working 24/7 and is 100% designed around yacht chefs. This service has also been featured in the following section with a demonstration of the overall service availing procedure.

Shoreside Support Landing Page

Home Page

The whole website consists of high-quality images, videos, and a carefully organized content strategy. It is inspired by a modern design trend of heavy shadows, sharp transitions, and bigger typography. We have also added a section where we showcased their existing online ordering portal along with its features and process. In the end, compelling social proof with detailed testimonials is displayed to instill confidence and trust in the minds of website visitors.

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