A practice project for a website for dental healthcare services.

DentiCare Landing Page


The client

This is our own project template for any potential client who wants a platform for providing dental healthcare services.

The goal

The goal is to make a platform where people can find dentists, book appointments, and consult online with top specialists 24/7.

Project phases

Project Phases
Project Stages


DentiCare Landing Page

Home Page

We have a comprehensive home page that lays out all the important features, services, and their associated benefits. Users can book appointments through call or email for any dentist based on their availability. A section for social proof in the form of testimonials from satisfied customers is also placed at the end to persuade the visitors to use the service.

DentiCare Landing Page


The page contains details of all the services that a visitor can get by using the platform. The template has placeholders for now but it allows for extensive paragraphs, high-quality images, and comprehensible icons.

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