A website for a technology that provides health equity solutions.

alvee Landing Page


The client

Alvee is an AI-driven, fully integrated application that provides real-time notifications related to health equity solutions and is available as an addon/plugin. The client wanted us to build an engaging landing page/one-page website to demonstrate the service in detail and convert more audience/visitors into leads through an inspiring design.

The goal

A landing page is a great way to drive traffic and improve SEO as they offer targeted marketing by focusing on a goal. Our marketing goal was to offer the demo and prompt the user to get the widget. We also decided to adopt a futuristic look for the design to make it eye-pleasing as well.

Project phases

Project Phases
Project Stages


alvee Landing Page

About Us

A hero section followed by 'About Us' upfront briefly enlists all the necessary information about the product as well as about the client. Since it is a one-page website, the About Us section at the beginning helps in interest building which can ultimately foster engagement.

alvee Landing Page

Problems and Solutions

After the introduction, we decided to discuss and display problems regarding healthcare equity that needs to be resolved. Following is the section for their solutions that discusses the roadmap adapted by Alvee to address these inequities and disparities.

alvee Landing Page

Product Overview

A brief product overview entails distinguishing features of Alvee along with its applications in a successive manner. The purpose is to convince the visitors to get a free demo of the product by showcasing how they can install the widget directly into their CRM or EHR.

alvee Landing Page

Full Landing Page

This is how the full landing page looks. We have incorporated several eye-catching infographics floating throughout the landing page, adding a modern and futuristic aesthetic touch. The landing page has a seamless transition from one section to the other and focuses on the marketing goal of prompting the users to get a demo and install the widget.

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