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Psychiatrist home Landing Page


The client

Dr. Umer Farooq is a Psychiatrist Certified in General Adult & Addiction Psychiatry by ABPN. In addition to providing psychiatry services, he also aims at educating and empowering via various educational courses for children and parents.

The goal

The client needed a website that showcases his expertise and qualification along with the services he provides, effectively and increases patient inquiries.

Project phases

Project Phases
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Psychiatrist home Landing Page

Home Page

The home page is aimed at bringing clarity by presenting the overall service to the visitors through careful content strategy. The page includes information about the psychiatrist, services, courses for parents & children, and very user-friendly customer interaction for appointments. The whole design is themed to reflect mental healing & wellness, tranquility, and calmness.

Psychiatrist home Landing Page

Telepsychiatry Landing page

The landing page demonstrates the services offered by Dr. Umer Farooq along with scheduling and pricing details. We tried to lay great stress on our marketing goal of getting online consultations in a clear and frequent manner to ensure a seamless user experience.



I searched online and after shortlisting three potential service providers was convinced that smiling pixels are the right choice because of open dialogue, the ability to understand my goals, and working hard to bring ideas to life. They have built a professional website, enabling me to understand the unique challenge of communicating the importance of mental health and mental health education to my customers.

Smiling Pixels Client

Dr. Umer Farooq

Psychiatrist MD

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