A website for a firm that provides google workspace & spreadsheet solutions.

Madsheets Landing Page


The client

Madsheets specializes in providing customized systems related to data processing, report generation, inventory management systems, and a variety of spreadsheet-related solutions.

The goal

Our goal was to build a responsive website showcasing their core services and products in an engaging and user-friendly design with compelling social proof to foster conversions.

Project phases

Project Phases
Project Stages


Madsheets Landing Page

Home Page

After finalizing the content strategy, we decided to present all the information (except for the product page) on a single home page making it simpler and intuitive for the users to navigate through the website and get the required information easily during the process.

Madsheets Landing Page

Product Page

A survey suggests that your website is the best place to showcase your products as it outshines other marketing methods in terms of conversions.

For that very reason, we have added a separate full page for the product ‘Expense Tracker’ which includes all the necessary features, statistics, subscription details, and social proofs.



Smiling Pixels helps the client retain users and get referrals to grow their business. They rarely need guidance with their commendable work ethics. They also offer to change the project as needed. We have found them to be very supportive and receptive to feedback. They are very responsive as well and are available virtually 24/7. We are very happy with their work and we will keep using their services in the future.

Smiling Pixels Client

Daniyal Ahmed

CEO, Madsheets

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